LISK Flame Arrestors

Flame Arrestors

LISK Ireland has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing both standard and custom designed flame arrestors. Our flame arrestors are used in safety critical applications, including diesel engines, gas analysers, storage tank vents, and aircraft fuel systems.

Our team of engineers will work closely with your specific application to determine the final design, including media, volume of flammable media, flow-rate, allowable pressure drop, operating temperature, and distance from point of ignition or ignition location. We will expertly select the appropriate material, coatings, and plating to suit your specific application.

Our Flame Arrestor Features Include:

  • Custom designs to stop the propagation of a flame
  • Crimped metal ribbons (or elements) to provide maximum surface area and minimise pressure drop
  • Diameters currently up to 30″
  • Cost-effective solutions that deliver quality, integrity, and high performance
  • Components are designed to withstand extreme operating conditions including, but not limited to:
  • On-site testing capability and strategic alliances to meet customer-specific test requirements

We provide the complete solution from your concept through to initial prototyping and finally to production. Our extensive experience and knowledge support the product development life-cycle ensuring that the process is efficient and that the optimal design is achieved.


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