Custom Solenoid Valves

LISK Ireland have a broad portfolio of unique custom designed solenoid valve solutions which we have developed over 30 years across a diverse range of applications. We provide our custom solenoid valve solutions to a range of industries, including the oil and gas, industrial, off-highway and automotive industries.

The key to our continued success is our culture of flexibility, responsiveness, innovation and our close partnership with our customers. This, coupled with our state of the art machinery, ensures that we deliver high quality custom valve solutions to our clients.

At LISK Ireland, we offer a range of design solutions built to specific customer requirements, including:

LISK Custom Valves

Transmission Solenoid Valves:

for hydraulic actuated clutch applications, overdrive and hybrid drive engagement.

Solenoid Valves for Hazardous Areas:

where potentially explosive atmospheres are present such as mining, offshore and petrochemicals.

Exhaust Recirculation Valves:

for waste gate and diverter valves for diesel engines.

Fuel Regulating:

and metering solenoid valves custom built to customer requirements.

Medical Equipment Valves, flow control, clamping.

Valves for Aerospace applications.

Other Solutions

  • Direct and pilot operated valves with 2,3,4 and 5 way designs
  • Valves optimised for the fastest response times.
  • Integrated position sensing and electronic feedback.
  • Special pressures, unique mounting interfaces and flow media.
  • Ultra Compact designs.
  • Switching and proportional solutions.

We provide the complete solution from your concept through to initial prototyping and finally to production. Our extensive experience and knowledge support the product development life-cycle ensuring that the process is efficient and that the optimal design is achieved.


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