Marine Applications
  • Emission Control
  • Fuel Delivery Control
  • Exhaust Gas Control
  • Thermal Management Control

Marine Engine Market

Due to our overwhelming success with engine management in the On-Highway and Off-Highway Heavy Duty Diesel and Natural Gas Markets, we can provide the same expertise in the medium and heavy duty Marine Engine Market. Knowing that engine management technologies needed for the open-water arena must be tougher than those designed for land; our products are built with durability and longevity in mind. We apply our knowledge to comply with the most stringent customer standards and environmental regulations. From recreational yachts to commercial shipping, we’re confident we can design and manufacture the right technology to suit your most ambitious projects.

Custom valves for the marine industry


During our customisation process, we design each product to fit your specific marine engine management application. Regardless of the media, we can customise any valve that controls Fluid/Gas by electromechanical means. LISK designs and makes product in accordance with the latest global legislation requirements.

Custom Products to Meet Your Special Requirements:

DPF Hydrocarbon Dosing

  • Mid Range
  • Heavy Duty

Natural Gas:

  • Fuel Control Valves
  • Fuel Shut-Off Valves
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator

EGR: Poppet and Butterfly Designs

  • Hydraulic Solenoid Actuated
  • Electric Motor Operated, (w/CAN Control)


  • Variable Geometry Control (VGT)
  • Waste Gate control valve

Other Commercial Applications:

  • Exhaust Brake Control
  • Pneumatic Flow Control
  • Variable Coolant Flow Control
  • Cooler Bypass Control
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Diverter / Selector Control
  • Variable Fan Speed Control
  • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing / Flow Control
  • Engine Lube Oil Control

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Position Sensors for the Oil and Gas Industry


LISK designs and manufactures customised LVDT sensors to meet specific challenges for marine application. We collaborate with our customers to produce exactly what they need for their specific application.

Each customised sensor undergoes extensive testing to ensure performance in the field. We offer the additional value of customer service and engineering support to back our products. Even when our customers increase their product requirements, we tailor their product to suit their needs, working from engineer to engineer in the process.

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Flame Arrestors for the Oil and Gas Industry

Flame Arrestors

LISK collaborates with customers to produce customised flame arrestors for marine class engines. Taking our customer’s design and specific application, we consider the industry requirements for engine management, and create a cost-effective solution.

Advantages Include:

  • In-Line or End-of-line designs utilise threaded connection that meet NPT/BSPT/SAE and provide protection for enclosures that require venting
  • Our sealed end-of-line flame arrestors for panels and housings that are fitted with a burst disc to prevent debris from entering the device
  • We meet qualification and testing requirements with a supporting analysis for customer approval
  • Designed to meet customer requirements in accordance with EN12874, or ISO 16852:2009 as well as U.S. Coast Guard, Bureau Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping (where applicable)