LISK IRELAND to Showcase Engineering Excellence in Solenoid Technology at BAUMA 2019

LISK Ireland, designer, and manufacturer of custom solenoids, solenoid valves, sensors, and flame arrestors that are engineered specifically for customers in diverse markets throughout the world is delighted to be exhibiting at Bauma 2019 from the 8th to 14th April – Munich, Germany at stand A5.541.

Bauma is the only trade fair in the world that brings together the industry for construction machinery in its entire breadth and depth, presenting the highest concentration of innovations in one location.

Visitors to the LISK stand will have the opportunity to see some of the company’s highly innovative and customizable products, including:


Engine Control Valves

Lisk has vast engineering and manufacturing experience with Doser valves, EGR valves, Throttle control valves, and coolant control valves. FEA analysis software for flow, thermal and mechanical engineering studies. Hydraulic and electric motor actuation on our EGR valves with position sensing technology also available.

The company also has a wide range of in-house testing capabilities including, but not limited to, Engine Dynamometer, International Standards Testing, Vibration Testing, Environmental Testing, and Hydraulic / Pneumatic Testing.

Other products available for viewing on the stand include Commercial Valves such as Transmission Valves, Fuel Control Valves, Fuel Shut Off Valves, On Highway Valves, EGR Exhaust Valves as well as a selection of Certified Products.


DC Solenoids Proportional

Solenoids are used as an activation or impedance device for controlling integrated parts on machinery. LISK specializes in customized solenoids for equipment in multiple industries, from aerospace and defense to mobile industrial and oil and gas. We custom design all components to meet the demanding requirements for even the most extreme operating conditions including sub-sea, on land and in the air.

LISK designs and manufacturers customized valves to meet the stringent demands of working in heavy-duty engine, aerospace, hazardous location, and sub-sea environments. We can fully customize our valves to handle corrosive media, excessive pressures, high flows, or extended cycle life. For high precision control, we couple electronics with our valve products for pinpoint accuracy.

PROPORTIONAL: For constant force over the working stroke, these solenoids provide valve designers the ability to develop electrically operated flow or pressure control valves. Their ability to predictably repeat and infinitely vary flow or pressure out-puts from zero to maximum is accomplished by altering the electrical current into the coil. LVDTs can also be added for high precision and repeatability.


Rotary Solenoids

These versatile radial armature and cam armature solenoids are used in a wide range of custom applications, requiring superior torque with high shock and vibration resistance.


Linear variable differential transformer (LVDT)

LVDT is used for measuring the displacement or positioning of fluid, air, gases or a mechanical part and offering extremely reliable position feedback information to the operator. LISK sensors are found in commercial and military aircraft, space launch vehicles, heavy-duty engines, refineries, industrial applications, and mining equipment. LISK designs and manufactures custom LVDTs for use in the most demanding environments.



LISK Ireland began its operations in 1980 and is today the European design and manufacture center for the New York-based company. Founded in 1910; G.W. LISK originally manufactured pressed metal goods and in 1948 the company manufactured its first solenoids. Today G.W. LISK applies its engineering expertise in the areas of industrial and mobile hydraulic solenoids across a wide range of applications as diverse as aerospace, engine emission controls, fuel systems, offshore oil & gas and transmission controls.

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